My association with HARDY

6th November 2017
Peter Cockwill

My first ever fly rod, bought with my paper round money when I was just 14 was a split cane HARDY
How could I ever know that some 53 years later I would be asked to become a Brand Ambassador for HARDY.
It’s an accolade which is honestly the pinnacle of my fly fishing life and I am hugely honoured by HARDY.
It’s no secret that I really love to fish and I’m an OK caster but let me tell you what convinced me that HARDY
have really got something with their Sintrix material.
It was on Lago Strobel in Argentina some six years back when I put my line through the rings of a borrowed HARDY.
This was the saltwater Sintrix in a 9 weight and I know it’s heavy but it’s needed down there for the windy conditions.
I can cast reasonably well but the first try with the rod quite literally jerked the line off the reel.
Second cast and the same thing happened, that’s when I twigged that technology had moved on and it was down to HARDY.
I run a fly fishing shop and have a HARDY account so it didn’t take long to start trying other Sintrix models and I’m now totally convinced they have the best.
However, Sintrix comes in different ratings and the ultimate is Sintrix 550 which goes into the series called WRAITH.
This is the rod you honestly must let do its job and don’t force it. I’m lucky to be able to let people try a HARDY.
My shop has room outside to cast and I have the most fun ever by letting someone handle one of HARDY’s rods while trying other models.
The reaction with a WRAITH is ALWAYS outstanding. They stop, look at the rod, the distance they have cast, and say “what happened”.
I know it’s an expensive material but if you really, really love to fish then this is the rod you need. It’s the WRAITH by HARDY.