A few changes and some fishing too

3rd December 2017
Peter Cockwill

Beginning to make some moves to reduce the shop stock and started with 25% off fly tying. Predictable rush for the Kamasan B175 hooks, they must be made in their millions, it’s such a popular model. I use a size 6 when I fish Argentina’s Strobel and haven’t yet had a rainbow straighten one. We use 15lb tippet there and normal hooks straighten out. I went to see Rick Gardner and bought some of his super tough carp/barbel hooks to kae my shrimp patterns for the same trip. They have to be much smaller (12’s) so I need strong ones.
Made a return trip to Sutton Bingham reservoir to fish the West Pond along with Stuart Barrett from Dever. Many laughs en route and lovely to see Ivan Tinsley again.
The fish were on the south side in very very shallow water and I really don’t know what they were taking or chasing but when hooked the runs were phenomenal. We had lovely rainbows averaging 6lbs and an altogether fun session. Hope to get back down to Wessex Water again in February and fish Hawkridge which will be stocked with the new Spartic trout.This char/brook cross will be something special.
Friday last was a trip to Dever for a corporate day with Uniserve. Lots of friends and a really good day. Brilliant to see Gary with a 10 4 brown that just pipped Iain’s 10 1. Fabulous fish too. It was a really chilly day in a cold wind but some of the fights from 5 plus rainbows were staggering. Emily Furzer had two rainbows to her rod and that made her two up on her boss Theo Paphitis who was, as always, the perfect gent. So that was another week and ended with taking my trophy replica fish off the shop walls and ready for their new home. I’m going to miss them but life moves on.