Decisions made, time to change.

16th December 2017
Peter Cockwill

Well, it’s finally decided. Albury Game Angling will close on January 15th. It will be a sad day after 31 years in retail, the last 20 in Albury where we tried so hard to integrate and support the local fisheries, but finally gave in.

We are going to Dever Springs near Andover in Hampshire where I will do an average two days a week to support manager Stuart Barrett so that he can take time out/holidays etc. I will do whatever is needed to run a fishery ( I do have a lot of experience ) and use my profile to enhance the fishery’s position.
Sue and I will have Hardy as an online business along with freedom for people to come meet us and try out a rod, get a lesson from me and use our vast knowledge to enhance their enjoyment of the brand.
I will also be doing guided days, casting lessons and running my trips to Argentina and Alaska as a whole new venture begins.
So, from mid February you can get me on and keep an eye on this website as we make changes and move on to the next stage free from the commitments of a 9 – 5 shop day. Thanks for your support over the years and the many, many friendships which have been made and which I hope will continue if you pop over to fish Dever.
New phone number to come in due course but in the meantime it’s 25% off the stock until we close for the last time.