London Fly Fishing Fair

27th March 2018
Peter Cockwill

Sue and I attended the London Fly Fishing Fair on behalf of Luciano Alba who owns Laguna Verde Lodge on Lake Strobel Argentina and also the Golden Dorado River Cruiser in the Parana north of Buenos Aires.
We set out posters etc and also advertised Dever Springs where we now live and work.
The Fair was busy both days and it was great to meet so many old friends and to make loads of new ones. Fantastic to see legends such as Taff price and Barrie Welham.
I did a 15 minute talk each day and they seemed to go down well so that was a relief.
Good friend Alan Wood drove us there for the Friday and picked us up Saturday evening. He was a hero doing all that driving. I could never have done it and would still be hopelessly lost.
I don’t have any personal fishing news as our annual Tweed trip was a washout but we did get to visit Hardy’s twice and that was excellent.
Working on the fishery continues to be fun and meeting the anglers each day is all a part of this new life.
We finally got the old shop decorated through and handed over the keys. Hopefully someone else will now have successful business there, depending on Albury Estates of course.