Guided Trips

a winter Avington double, clear water stalking is my speciality

a winter Avington double, clear water stalking is my speciality

Destination fishing can be the ambition to cast a fly on an English chalk stream or to pitch a nymph into one of our famous “big trout” waters.

It can be the ‘once in a lifetime trip’ to a far away destination linked in with the aim of catching an exotic species or the ultimate trophy.

With huge experience coupled with a formidable track record I can help you achieve your dream and if it really is a one off to somewhere like Alaska or Argentina then nothing beats having someone with you who knows the route and the potential hazards as well as the best places and techniques.

It’s hard to believe that I have been arranging fishing trips for 28 years, but that’s the fact, and I continue to get a genuine pleasure from seeing guests have the best of experiences and creating life long memories.

There’s a list of the places I have been to at the end of this piece and I will gladly give you advice on any of them, but let’s first look to my current plans.

My year begins with the Southern hemisphere and the magnificent rainbows of Lago Strobel in Argentina at Laguna Verde lodge. This has to be the number one location for wild bred, trophy rainbows in the most perfect condition and the desolate beauty of the region has to be seen to be believed. Plans are already in place for what will be my seventh trip at the end of January 2018 so check with me for vacancies. The lodge, the fishing and the experience is something you will remember forever.

Early July will once again be Alaska and the richness of the Kanectoc river with Dave Duncan and Sons at their lower base camp. You could say I know this location quite well having now accumulated more than two years of my life in Alaska and twenty eight consecutive years to this one river. I have been to many, many parts of the ‘Great Land’ and if you want a truly amazing adventure, with a guarantee of multiple species, then this is it.

How can you not be overwhelmed with King, chum, sockeye and pink salmon as well as rainbows, char and grayling in dead clear water on a river which is entirely gravel in the remote, tundra setting of western Alaska.

I will be there again in 2018 and you will love the camaraderie of the Duncans and the wealth of fish which fill this river every July. For a schedule of the fishing, and other allied things to do and see in Alaska, do please get in touch.

First question regarding fishing holidays is usually “how much”. Quality sport in remote places doesn’t come cheap and the outfitter costs, on both of these trips is $5300. Add in the flights, overnight hotels at either end, guide tips, licences etc and you should be in for a rough figure of about £6500 depending on how you choose to fly.

I can arrange or advise on all aspects of a trip and will accompany you throughout as in many instances I know it’s a one off experience and fully appreciate that many people would never do something like this on their own.

So, let’s see where else I have been with like minded fly fishers. These are all trips I have experience of with guests and may well do again in the future:-

Are you ready for your next trip

Let me be your guide to ensure you have the most rewarding fishing trip ever

Two Chums on the Kanectoc

Two Chums on the Kanectoc

Kodiak Island for its steelhead, char and silver salmon and again with the Duncans. 11 separate trips here and the last in 2015. Seward peninsula for trophy grayling as well as char and salmon with Twin Peaks Adventures. 3 trips here culminating in the State Record Grayling in 2008
Katmai Lodge on the Alagnak for a comfortable lodge experience and all the species with fly out options too. 5 trips here.
Also many other places accessible by road for fishing including halibut as well glacier/whale cruises and ‘the bears’ at Brooks Falls.


Great Bear Lake in the NW Territories for grayling, lake trout and pike. 10 trips here and operated by Plummers Arctic Lodges.
British Columbia  steelhead at Bell II lodge.
The Great Lakes rivers north of Toronto for steelhead and browns
Labrador for trophy brook trout with Coopers Minipi Lodges. Last one in 2015


Andros Island for bonefish at the Andros Island Bonefish Club. 4 trips here and the last in 2013


Desroches Island for bonefish in 2011

S America
Another trophy rainbow from Strobel

Another trophy rainbow from Strobel

Tierrra del Fuego  on the Rio Grande at Cameron Lodge for sea run browns and lakes for browns / rainbows.  5 trips here
Chile on Lago Yelcho for rainbow and browns

Float tubing in Oregon and a trophy rainbow

Float tubing in Oregon and a trophy rainbow

Oregon for steelhead, trout on lakes, large mouth bass, sturgeon.\
Florida for tarpon

I have also fished many other locations on a personal basis or with friends.